Confidence, Personal

& Life coaching

This type of coaching is a powerful way of reconnecting yourself with the motivation, goals and energy you need, and want, to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

If you need a powerful change in your personal or professional life - I can help.  I will help you identify and engage with new strategies to help you achieve your goals and your true potential. 

Life throws us difficult and challenging situations which sometimes means we need support in developing coping mechanisms. I can help you review these challenges, and come up with strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles that may be blocking your personal success.

Developing confidence and self esteem will help you manage your life in a more productive way. Growing and developing the ability to recognise your strengths, becoming more assertive, working on your personal image or simply rebuilding your confidence after a significant life event is key to being happier, more organised and

ultimately, more confident.

We will work together on techniques that will improve your confidence and over all self-esteem, such as:

  • Goal setting & achieving

  • Identifying your core values and passions and bringing them to life

  • Image and personal style

  • Communication skills, body language, eye contact, articulation

  • Becoming more assertive

  • Planning and managing time better

  • Identifying personal strengths and enhancing your brilliant bits

  • Identifying your areas for development and challenging these

  • Learn to stop procrastinating

  • Learn to like and be kind to yourself

  • Work / Life balance

  • Celebrate success

       And much much more

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Mandy Spencer Hunt

Flourish Coaching

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