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Management Coaching

All programs are designed for experienced professionals and also for those who are new to management.  Management Coaching and performance development is the structured process by which managers develop their skills, competencies and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Participants will learn practical and useful skills that can be implemented immediately which will have a positive impact on their professionalism at work and potential future roles.

Programs include (but are not limited to)


  • Self analysis (using psychometric assessments where necessary/required)

  • Strategies for adjusting to the role of management (where necessary)

  • Leadership and management styles

  • Role of management

  • Performance management

  • Motivating and retaining employees

  • Presenting with impact

  • Effective communication

  • Assertiveness and conflict in the workplace

  • Importance of giving and receiving feedback

  • Identifying potential stressors and finding solutions


Programs are designed specifically to individual / group requirements and measurements are agreed before and reviewed post program.

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