Why bother with career guidance in a recession?

It could be argued that now is the not the time to be spending money on non-essentials, like shoes perhaps, or match tickets, or career guidance.  But, research suggests that an investment made in career guidance at a time when the economy is bad and things don’t seem as safe as they used to be, is worth it!

What can it do for you?  Sitting down with a qualified, experienced career guidance counsellor can benefit you in a number of ways.  First, they are objective.  Your mum or partner might tell you that you’re brilliant at drawing, but does that make you suitable for a job in architecture?  A good career guidance counsellor will probably insist you do some kind of psychometric assessment, a questionnaire which will tease out your skills, abilities and career preferences.  This is a great starting point for making changes. 

Using psychometric tools gives you a comprehensive report on what kind of career choices you should be making.  Your guidance counsellor will talk you through the report, highlighting your strengths, possibly areas you need to develop, but most importantly, they will build on these results to help you achieve a career change, or identify possible careers and industries that would suit you.  They then help you to find the right job for you by reviewing your CV to make sure it is targeted at the right audience and coach you through how to carry out an effective interview, giving you tips and tools to make sure you are as successful as you can be.

So, if you’ve been made redundant and considering change, or simply want to make sure you are in the right career, this is definitely what you should invest in.

Flourish Coaching provides group or 1:1 career guidance sessions which can also include psychometric assessment.

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